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Automated Design Works (ADW) was founded in 2012 to meet a need for more efficient, and less costly solutions to automating semi-custom designs.

Our primary focus has always been to help customers in any industry with semi-custom designs by automating their designs in 3D, autogenerating fabrication and construction blueprints, creating installation instructions, and training their staff in the use, modification, and future creation of these tools. But our mission doesn't stop there. Over the years, our experience in manufacturing engineering and techniques including design for manufacturability, project management, Solidworks 3D CAD software, heavy steel structures, architecturally exposed steel structures, stairs, and handrails, coupled with our ability to create blueprints that can be used by any fabrication shop or construction crew around the world, highlighted other areas in which we could help our customers realize their visions for growth and business development.

Our main goal: Your success. Whether you're contracting us to perform freelance design or project management services, or we're helping you improve your internal systems so that you can tackle your engineering design and project management tasks in house, we pride ourselves in our ability to transparently share our learnings with you. Either way, by increasing efficiency and reducing waste through eliminating redundancies, we want to see your company thrive by helping you increase your profitability. Afterall, we're in the business of forging relationships through partnership; And partnerships need to be mutually beneficial. At Automated DesignWorks, we truly believe that when you win, we win.

Chris Volkening 

Chris Volkening, CEO of Automated Design Works, began his career by developing his skills in heavy structural and architecturally exposed steel design and manufacturing. Thereafter, his focus became specialized on design for manufacturability where he has since spent over a decade concentrating efforts on mastering 3D design and blueprint automation, project management and, of course, the use of Solidworks 3D CAD.


A true expert in the field, Chris has developed systems for estimating, fabrication shop scheduling, and company specific design workflows and organization. In addition, he has created tailored training programs for his clients and their companies, and has lead training seminars to help disseminate and share his expertise. Most recently, Chris gave a breakout session at 3D Experience World in Nashville, Tennessee demonstrating the tip of the iceberg of what's possible in CAD design automation.

Chris is always looking for the next challenge, and you've got one for him, he'd love to hear from you.


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