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We talk a lot about forging mutually beneficial relationships at ADW. And forging relationships with our suppliers allows us to forge better relationships with our customers. Our procurement systems allow us the confidence necessary to know that we're providing cost-competitive solutions for our customers.

Anything from miscellaneous steel structures to complex architecturally exposed elliptical steel stairs, quality fabrications that show up on time are what you're looking for, and that's exactly what we're here to provide you with. Seamlessly from bid through design, fabrication and shipped to your site.


Scheduling has always been an important part of our business model, but in the current landscape, we know that meeting your scheduling needs is so critical now more than ever.


Right from the planning phase, we want to know what your project schedule looks and you want to know as well. This is why we're constantly on top of your project schedule, and doing everything in our abilities to make sure that your project stays on track through final delivery. We're not here to blow smoke. Transparently communicating about project schedules and how we can meet your needs is key to our business and yours.


Quality goods, on-time, and under-budget. If you can nail those three, does anything else matter?


At ADW, we take cost tracking very seriously. Because when we can trim the fat in our processes, we can be more competitive in our bids, and more accurate in our project forecasts. And when we win, you win.

It's our cost tracking abilities that afford us the confidence in our estimates and allow us to forge relationships with both our customers and suppliers alike. And our business is built on forging mutually beneficial relationships.


From engineering design through supply, our estimating systems are the perfect combination of robust and yet nimble allowing us to turnaround estimates accurately and efficiently. Structural steel shapes & plates, processing, fitting & welding, coating, & shipping to site, our estimating systems give us a leg up on the competition. Best of all, our estimating systems help us get a head start on your project as they transfer right into design and progress tracking through the life of the job.

At ADW, we take your project seriously right from the initial RFQ, and our workflows allow us to be more responsive than our competition.




You might be wondering why we've broken out CAD Customization from CAD Design Automation. At Automated DesignWorks, we truly like to differentiate between the two. When we're talking about Design Automation, we're talking largely about design tables, macros, add-ins, standalones, and 3rd party software that can help you generate efficiencies in your engineering design process. But with CAD Customization, we're talking about everything that we can do short of these other approaches to build your efficiencies and create consistency and uniformity inside your design group. To us, CAD Customization uses built-in Solidworks capabilities to help you up your game in the shortest amount of time possible.

From helping you work through your Solidworks settings to make sure that your machines running at their peak performance, to setting up your keyboard shortcuts and gestures so that while you're sketching, modeling, or creating detailed drawings, you're minimizing your mouse movements and clicks. But also helping you set up assembly, part, and drawing templates that not only allow you to work as efficiently as possible but also better communicate to your fabrication shop and field crews. Custom and configuration specific properties, titleblock fillers, and custom bill of material templates that better leverage the built-in abilities of Solidworks, just to name a few. You might be surprised what Solidworks allows you to do without needing to write a single line of code.

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Project manager looking at AR screen with Gantt chart schedule or planning showing tasks a


Maybe you're just setting up your project management and workflows, or maybe you're ready to step up your company's project management game. If you're ready to take your project management systems to the next level, this is the service for you.


After careful review of your current system and workflows, we'll get to work suggesting the areas we see for potential improvement with the minimum amount of lead time for maximum benefit realized. Our goal is your success, and our approach, as with any of our services, is to share as much of our knowledge and experience surrounding successful project management systems, workflows, and methodology as possible. Need a more efficient and robust estimating system? We've got you covered. Are you building from the ground up? We've got you covered there, too.


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Basic turorials, training seminars, and online video tutorial databases definitely serve a purpose. But this isn't what we specialize in. Our training starts the same way as the rest of our services: Learning about you and your needs. We offer custom-tailored training in-person, virtually, as well as custom tutorials. We'll even record our screen with audio from every session so that you can come back to it, as necessary.

The benefits of our tailored training isn't just in taking your group's Solidworks abilities to the next level, but also generating consistency in their work product. When everyone is working in a more consistent ,best-practice based approach, everyone can pick up the work where it left off.


"My Solidworks subscription service comes with support, why do I need you?" Solid question. Here's why: This isn't your typical troubleshooting service. Our virtual support team will start by learning about your company and your design group processes, then we'll keep learning and documenting what we've learned so that we can best tailor our support to your specific needs.

From day-to-day Solidworks CAD support to PDM; troubleshooting complex issues to workarounds to trick Solidworks into doing what you want it to. Our support team isn't just tech support, we're designers in our own right.


Whether you have a small project requiring oversight or are looking for the supply of large steel stairs and handrails for your next architectural project, ADW is your trusted partner in making your next project a success. If you're an architect looking to get into supply, or a fabrication shop looking to increase your capabilities, our project management services will allow you to take that next step without any of the worries that come with it.


By leveraging our experience in project management, partnering with ADW can very quickly let you expand your business without any need for developing the systems required to make this happen. Let us put the pieces of the puzzle together for you, allowing you to stay focused on your business. Estimating, design, scheduling, job costing and forecasting, procurement, and more. We've got you covered.


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