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Whether you need help with your mechanical FEA or structural calculations and FEA, we have the tools to support your needs.


With Solidworks Simluation, we can help with various static linear or nonlinear and dynamic response/ dynamic loading scenarios. With Mathcad, we can support any of your structural calculation needs, and if you're looking to take your structural designs to the next level, FEA performed with Staad might be the solution for you.

Anything from product validation to stair towers and industrial piping bridges, we can help you get your next engineering design project off the ground and into your CAD group with a headstart.


What good is dreaming up a revolutionary product or breathtaking spiral steel stair if it's not easily manufacturable within the shortest lead time and within your set budget?

Design for Manufacturability (DFM) allows us to take your product design or architectural vision and optimize its manufacturability all while not losing your design intent. If you're fabricating your design in your own fab shop, we'll learn your fabrication capabilities and optimize the design for each process, charting the flow through your shop. If you're outsourcing fabrication, we'll make sure that your design can be manufactured in the most efficient way possible.


At ADW, we see our detailed drawings as our greatest communication tool. It is our universal language and our drafting & detailing focus is pumping out details that any fabrication shop or field crew in the world can work from. At the end of the day, our 3D models serve a great purpose, but our detailed drawings are the work product that helps make your product come to life. 

Whether you're working on medical equipment, precision machined products where tight tolerances are key, or you're designing a steel stair that needs to be crane lifted into place and fit like a glove the first time - we're going to make sure your project goes as smoothly as possible.


3D Modeling is the backbone of a ton of what we do. At ADW, we pride ourselves in our Solidworks 3D modeling abilities. From simple components to complex assemblies, we've got your 3D modeling needs covered.

Whether you're trying to design a revolutionary product, designing tooling for your shop, equipment for your construction crews, or you're working with complex architecturally exposed steel structures, the power of 3D modeling can be of great benefit.

Our 3D CAD designers are trained to work as quickly and efficiently as possible while planning each 3D model to accept future changes as easily as possible.



Whether it's machine design in your fabrication shop or making a crane lift plan for your critical lift, let our team help with your manufacturing and construction engineering needs.

From custom die design to roll forming and automated fabrication lines and all the way through troubleshooting complex manufacturing issues, we're here to support your fabrication shop in any way possible. When it comes to construction engineering, our specialty is high-complexity tasks. From construction support details to help both your client and field crews understand what you're trying to accomplish, all the way through troubleshooting complex installs and issues that arise, ADW is the right team for the job.


At ADW, we're not just worker bees; We also have skilled managers at the ready to help you with your project engineering needs. From estimating to engineering and 3D CAD design, costing reports and scheduling, we'll make sure your engineering design project stays on time and on budget.

Our team is trained to mange your engineering design work and communicate with your respective groups regarding Estimating, Project Management, Procurement, Scheduling, Shipping... Well, you get the point. Trust us with your Project Engineering needs so that you can focus on everything else you need to do.


Is your engineering design group at capacity? Do you have a vision for a product and don't know where to go to get your dream design started? Or maybe you're an architectural firm looking to generate better consistency in your 3D CAD designs and fabrication blueprints? No matter your 3D CAD design needs, we're ready to help you out.

Whether you have a small design job that needs experienced 3D CAD support, or a large complex industrial facility being built from scratch, give us a holler. We promise you won't regret it.


What on earth is a remote design group, you might ask? Are you having problems keeping up in your engineering design group and could use some additional support? Are you a startup that can't justify a full time engineering design group? This might be the service for you.

We'll integrate into your existing group, or we'll outright be your design group. The best part? Your customer's never need to know. Give us an email address, your logo on your titleblock - You can define the parameters for this service. In turn, we'll represent you in the most professional way possible. Click the button for more info.  👇




Commercial, Industrial, and Architectural​ steel structures, stairs, mezzanines, railings, fixtures - whatever your steel shop drawing needs, we're here to support you. We're also here to support you with your concrete pier and footing rebar shop drawing needs. Working from either architect's plans or hand sketches on a hotel napkin, we've done it all. We'll create full 3D models and blueprints for your project including full design for manufacturability to save your fab shop time and money.

From full structures including columns beams, and rebar for new build and renovations to architecturally exposed elliptical stair that requires full burn profiles with etchings, multi-radius rolling details, and complete shop drawings to straight handrail details for an industrial setting, there's no project too big or small. Whether you require complete engineered designs or steel detailing services, we're here to support your needs. Our team can also help guide you through the permitting process for your project and can furnish all blueprints with Professional Engineer's stamp for Canada and 50 U.S. states.

Our areas of expertise include:

 Spiral staircases, elliptical staircases​​, and stair & platform towers

Vertical access ladders (w/ cage and/or fall protection)

Walkways, catwalks & working platforms


Rolled & coped pipe structures

Tension membrane roofing structures

Girders & trusses


Piping & electrical bridges & structures

 Facility planning & design

Piping & routing design

API 650 storage tank design

 API 653 repair details

 Aluminum dome roof specification & support

 Concrete, rebar,  & anchorage

P.E. stamped drawings and calculations in 50 U.S. states & Canada

Don't see your specific project listed? We'd love to discuss your steel shop drawing needs. Give us a call 👇

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